The President of Malawi yesterday announced three confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Malawi in a special address to the nation.  He said:

“Until today Malawi did not have any confirmed cases [of Coronavirus]. However, sadly, I would like to inform the nation that for the first time we now have three confirmed cases of Coronavirus in this country. There are three cases. The first case is a female from Lilongwe. The affected women had recently returned from India, where she was in contact with relatives who were later confirmed as Coronavirus positive. She was in self quarantine for 14 days after arriving in Malawi but later became symptomatic…  The second case is a relative to the index patient, while the third is a domestic worked to the index case in their household. We are currently providing initial care and medical management for the three cases.  We are also tracing all close contacts and requiring them to go into quarantine for 14 days where they can be observed.
“Let me remind all Malawians that Coronavirus is preventable and we can stabilize if we do the following things among others
1)    Observe social distancing. Not less than 1 meter apart
2)    Observe proper handwashing with soap for not less than 20 seconds
3)    Avoid coughing or sneezing into one’s hands
“Not long from today, in view of the confirmed cases, I will be addressing the nation again to announce more measures to stop the spread of the virus.  Let us not panic but be careful. Together we can win this fight.”

You can download a copy of the statement here

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