MaSP conducted a Regional Meeting on 7th December, 2018 which was aimed at creating a platform for networking, sharing and learning from Scottish funded projects/Scottish links and other projects at regional level (Who is doing what?,Where? And How?). This was also aimed at giving an opportunity to projects that did make it to strand meetings in Lilongwe to input their ideas/issues into strand meetings discussions.

The meeting  brought together  over 40 members both that have links to Scotland or Scottish charities directly implementing Scottish funded projects and those that do not currently have Scottish Funded projects so that they share experiences, learn from one another and explore collaborations/partnerships in their respective areas of work. 

The meeting was also joined by schools within Mzuzu and Rumphi with active links to Scotland as part of sharing partnership experiences, moving forward to having sustainable partnerships and how the schools can benefit from the projects being implemented by the organisations in attendance.

See highlights in pictures on our facebook page: Malawi Scotland Partnership

You can also download  project presentations below:

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