International development is a key part of Scotland’s global contribution within the international community. It encompasses Scottish Government’s core values, historical and contemporary, of fairness and equality. It is about Scotland acting as a good global citizen.

Scottish Government has a distinctive development contribution to make, through focusing Scotland’s expertise, being innovative and employing a unique partnership approach, for global good.

As noted in Global Citizenship: Scotland’s International Development Strategy[1] published in December 2016, the international development programme will build upon existing bilateral partnerships with four countries: Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda and Pakistan.

This funding round relates to projects specifically for work in Malawi, which would cover one or more elements of the following list, as provided by the Government of Malawi:

  • Health
  • Civil Society and Governance
  • Education (General and Higher Education)
  • Sustainable Economic Development (which includes Renewable Energy)

For a full breakdown of these thematic areas, please read the background information and criteria document.

In response to sector feedback following the Scottish Government’s Consultation on international development policy in 2016[2], the Scottish Government’s Malawi Development Programmes will operate as a two stage application process.  The first stage of the process will be for interested organisations to submit a concept note which will provide a clear overview of the planned project and demonstrate the impact that the work will have.

From the assessment of the concept notes, successful organisations will be invited to complete a full application form which will require much more detail of the project plans.



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